Small Groups

The IMPORTANCE of Bible Study

Bible study is important for personal spiritual growth and also congregational growth as well. Bible study differs from a worship service in many different ways that helps promote spiritual growth.

1. Bible study allows people to actively study and participate in learning about the Bible.
Bible study presents opportunites to discuss the important truths of the Bible. It also presents opportunities for questions so that people can seek a better understanding of God's truth.

2. Bible study allows a person to make God's truths his own.
With opportunites to wrestle with the truths of God's Word, people have a way to personalize their beliefs. They have their understanding with the Word of God. Therefore, they are able to better express their own beliefs with other people they see.

3. Bible study gives the opportunity to interact with other Christan-Lutherans to encourage you in God's truth.
As people discover, learn, and relearn God's truths for them, they share a mutual connection and they share mutual encouragement with their fellow participants.

Come join us for an opportunity to study God's Word and learn about his truth for all generations.

Adult Table Talk Bible Study
Sunday Mornings at 8:45am
Room 6

Builders Bible Study
Sunday Evenings at 5:00pm

Dinner & Bible Study
Thursday Evenings at 6:00pm (dinner) & 7:00pm (bible study)
Social Hall

COMING SOON!!! Watch for details!

COMING SOON!!!  Watch for details!