Classes will meet weekly at 8:45am on Sundays for the purpose of covering the academic elements of confirmation.  There will be a graded mid-term and a final exam.  Passing the exams is mandatory, but student who do not pass will be given retests and opportunities to correct their grade.  This year we will be covering Practical Theology.  Confirmands are allowed one absence per month.

Students will be expected to satisfy the requirements of five different categories of participation.  These include Worship Leadership, Christian Education, Church Service, Sermon Observation, and Administration.  To help this process, the necessary requirements can be found in the links below, along with the need participation forms.

Of course, the overall goal is to help build stronger young Christians, and to do so, we have to pursue a vibrant and challenging curriculum.  None the less, we feel our kids are up to the chellenge and will excel at all these tasks.

Requirements 2017-18

Participation Report

Sermon Outline