Pastor Rus Yoak

Senior Pastor

A native of West Virginia, Pastor Rus comes to us from Cape Coral, FL (believe it or not he prefers cold weather). Pastor Rus began serving as pastor at First Lutheran Church in January of 2011. Prior to this, Pastor Rus spent the past 10 years as a Church Planter and Missionary with the ELCA. Pastor Rus and his wife, Kristie, have three children.

Pastor Rus considers himself theologically conservative and traditional, but otherwise is a huge supporter of modern innovations. This means he is just as at home in a clerical robe doing traditional liturgy as he is in jeans playing guitar with a praise band. “In the end,” Pastor Rus says, “the church is all about relationships: God’s relationship with us, our relationship with God, his church, and his world.” Pastor is active on Facebook and would invite you to join.